it’s been awhile

12 Apr

well, now that the wedding is all over, I thought my schedule would slow down, well- not so far. I am going to give it my best shot though. I will share everything about the wedding… but I’m currently still in the process of editing all the pictures, so I will have to post things over time.

My days and nights have been extremely packed- and when I do get a little free time, I do things like read a whole book in a day (water for elephants) or watch a few episodes of sex in the city (season 1- I decided that I will watch EVERY episode). I’ve been trying to catch up on laundry, and was pretty successful for… one day, I got most of it done, but now I’m behind again. We are still trying to get everything organized from the wedding (gifts) but have realized that our cozy duplex is now just an over crowded duplex. It will probably be awhile before we actually move, so we had plans to hit the deep cleaning hard… well, we had plans at least.

We were hoping to get some of that done last weekend but didn’t fit it in. We started off friday doing our normal celebratory drinks (yay for friday!) then everyone came back over, and we ended up staying up late (this happens every friday).  Sat I spent my day doing thank you cards and announcements, and around 6 we took our wedding formal pictures at a park. later that night we had to head downtown for a friend’s birthday party. We ended up staying until closing, and cabbing it back home, where some friends came over to watch the ufc fights… I think we went to bed around 4am. Sunday I had to get my car while brian ran an errand for a friend. As soon as we got back we had to head out to meridian to go bowling (I watched- I’m not coordinated enough to bowl). We came home, rested for a half hour, and then joined our friends Brandee and Nick for dinner at their house. Sunday night I enjoyed some Sex in the City (like I said, season 1) before heading off to bed. Monday night we had to go do some major grocery shopping.. (I’m trying to eat healthier- cost us 200 instead of the normal 100, why is the healthier food so much more expensive?!?!) We got home around 8:30, and I got to work preparing food for tonight- we are having some of our closest friends over to celebrate Miss Ainsley’s birthday. I got some jello shots done (yum!) and started making chilli… well, while cutting a jalapeno, I at one point rubbed my hand on my face… and guess what? It burned horribly forever… I didn’t fall asleep until 1:30 am… I just simply didn’t know. at all. I’m not a spicy person- I actually think pepper is spicy- but have had this chili before, and if you cut the jalapenos up so small you don’t even know they’re there… but I had no clue that it would burn my face off! Now, I will admit that I can be a bit of a baby.. but seriously, it was hours of pain. The only thing that made it feel remotely better was holding a bag of ice on the spot, but looking back I really think that maybe the ice made it drag out a lot longer. At one point I even tried putting my face in a bowl of milk (my face didn’t fit right) so I took a dish rag, soaked it in milk and rubbed it all over my face. Brian said it was supposed to “neutralize.” He also told me to snort the milk… I had to clarify that I didn’t “pick” my nose while the toxic jalapeno juices, I merely spread them across half of my face. So I didn’t get any picking up done… and I’m extremely exhausted. Everyone will be coming over around 6… I’ll hopefully have enough time to pick up a little, and make these cute little mini pies- Ainsley isn’t a big fan of cake, so I thought I could stick candles in them, kind of like cupcakes.

So anyways… tonight is the birthday dinner, tomorrow night I have a work meeting, Thursday I have plans with an old friend… Saturday I have to go to a wedding, and Sunday is a friend’s pampered chef party. whew!

And on top of everything, I’ve been really trying to get into the whole photography thing… I’m currently trying to learn photoshop. I have plans to work with an old high school acquaintance who runs her own photography business, but at the moment she’s busy with school… but hopefully soon. Until then I’m trying to work on what I can. Be sure to check out thelovelypictures in the next couple of months to see all the exciting projects I’ve been working on.

and now, a few fun things…

a collection of jello shot recipes, a wonderful & easy crock pot dinner, and a horrible but funny recording of a girl who thought she was going to get proposed to on the radio, but got dumped instead.

have you seen this movie trailer yet?

Brandee & I decided we had to get all the girls together to go see it…

I’m also really excited to see this- because I read the book in one day (it was amazing btw)…

The hubs said he would take me to go see it for a date night… even though it has Robert Pattinson. What a sweet boy!

Also, you can be sure to bet that Brandee & I will be going to see this movie (after I read the book of course, because that’s my thing and Emily Giffin is on of my favs!)

and just one more…

I’m practically obsessed with movies I think. (and books.) Is there anything you’re dying to see?

Well, that’s all for now.
Have a lovely tuesday afternoon.


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2 responses to “it’s been awhile

  1. Thypolar

    April 12, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    Thanks for the catch up. You have a packed schedule. I know how that is and sometimes it can be hard to breathe 🙂 Have a great week and I look froward to reading more from you soon.

  2. Marcos Gonzales

    April 12, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Thank you so much for this catch up. Your schedule might have been packed, but I got the feeling that there was a lot good stuff for you. Then again, taking a breath every now and than can work miracles. Have a good week!


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