04 Mar

So I’m one day late on this one… but I’m already working on today’s challenge, so that evens it out I think 🙂

march challenge day 03- a photo of your cell phone.

Sooooo I told myself last night that I would take a picture of my phone, then upload it and post it on wordpress. Well, as you can see, that didn’t happen. And how silly I was, for trying to create extra work for myself! I got the brilliant idea to look up the picture of my phone on google! so here it is, my phone:

It’s the mytouch slide, which is the phone that everyone has- or at least it seems like it. And yes, I did get the red color. This one looks a bit nicer than mine does, because I have the horrible habit of dropping my phone, and it normally happens when I’m getting out of the car and it smashes into the cement. One day, I got out of brian’s truck, accidentally dropped it, then accidentally stepped on it. oooopsies. So I have a body glove for it, but my other body glove cover died, and we had to wait for them to send a complimentary replacement, and it got a little beat up while we were waiting.

up next for today: a day in the life. and yes, a day in the life of ME. (you KNOW you’re excited.)


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