20 Feb


I can’t believe my Sunday is coming to a close… again. But it always goes fast, right?

Friday night we had over a group of friends, and nic and brandee were gratious enough to provide us with some pizza.

Saturday brandee came over, and we headed off to buy some vases and mason cars for the centerpieces for the wedding, and we also picked up some napkins and paper plates.  It feels good to mark things off the list… three things down, a million more to go.
We also put in about 4 hours into the flower project for the centerpieces… and there are several more to do. Talk about tedious. But they are turning out great, I’ll show you a picture when they are all done.

And today I worked on the invites… I had to edit them a million times, but with my mom’s help I was able to get them finished… and printed! Hoorah! The information cards are now done too- just need printed. Now to collect all the addresses…

As far as craft projects go, have to finish the flowers, make the paper rosettes, and draw up the thumb print tree (as an alternative to a gues book…)

And I’m having a hard time getting brian to go get his finger sized so we can order his ring (from etsy) and god knows when Ill be able to drag him to get his outfit. We have decided he will wear a fitted blazer, dress shirt, a skinny tie, jeans, and some nice shoes for the wedding… I didn’t want him to wear a tux. I’m wearing more of a party dress than wedding dress, so something more casual will be fitting for him to wear. 

Some exciting news… my friend Jen, who lives in California, will be induced on Wednesday- that is if she doesn’t have the baby by then. They will be welcoming a little boy, to be named Gavin.   She will be coming to town in April, and I can’t wait to see her little guy.

Also, I’m including a picture of our new couches , which we got a super sweet deal on- we only paid 200! We also sold our old couch for 100, so needless to say we are pretty happy how it turned out.

That’s about it for now…
Have a good rest of your Sunday ❤


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2 responses to “2.20.11

  1. Thypolar

    February 21, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    The weekends never seem to last long enough. The couches look great! I’m hoping to start shopping for some new ones soon too 😉 glad to see you are making great wedding progress. Planning a wedding is exciting!

  2. ashleigh

    February 25, 2011 at 6:13 am

    i love the furniture. looks great! cant wait to see you monday


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