08 Feb

hello loves. I realised today, I am addicted to the internet. and blogs, really. can you believe it?

I must have added 10 blogs to my google reader today, and I discovered, which is a great website to store inspiring pictures & ideas. I requested to join, and now I have to wait. So anyways, while searching through there, I happened to find these recipes that I’m drying to try:

feel free to click on each image to take you to the recipe so you may try them as well.

and I’ve decided my new goal is to make my spare room like somewhat like this:

because, really, who wouldn’t want to curl up in this cozy room and read a book on a lovely afternoon? I know I would!

I decided I’m going to grow my hair out, so I can do cute things like this:

and this is just because it made me laugh:

As a reward to myself when I got my taxes back, I bought myself a little silver nikon coolpix camera, that is my new favourite toy.

I’ve taken lots of photos since, and wanted to post them, but brian will be home soon and I need to jump in the shower. My computer time has been very limited since brian has started school, because he has homework and papers and such. And also a crazy little thing called ning, which is exactly like facebook, that he strongly dislikes having to use. HA.

But also really quick, marcie has started to give out invites for the bridal shower (yay!) and we made a darling banner for the shower & wedding, and I’m so proud how it came out. Engagement pictures are almost done being edited, then I will print them out and use for the table center pieces as well as choosing the picture we will send with the invites. Brian and I registered at Target on Saturday, what fun that was! I can’t wait to fill my home with some of the lovely things we picked out (I’m not gunna lie) and wish I had them now. Oh well, I only have to wait a little over a month. I just realized that our spell check is stuck on somewhat of an english dictonary, well, not the normal dictonary because it keeps wanting me to spell things differently, and I’m getting confused.

So, that’s all for now. ❤



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2 responses to “1.7.11

  1. Thypolar

    February 9, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    I love the spare room idea 🙂 it was be great to cuddle up with a book in there.

  2. thoughtsappear

    February 17, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I wandered over here from Thy’s blog. I love those braids!


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