23 Dec

I’ve been thinking its a day later than it actually is all week, and I’ll tell ya, that sucks! But its been slow at work, which has been a nice change considering how busy its been the last couple of weeks. And you want to know what else I realized? It seems like everyone’s on a diet for Christmas! We had customer appreciation day on Tuesday, and we put out peppermint bark, a toffee cake, and a huge platter of cookies.  And some fresh hot coffee to wash it down with. Well, its Thursday, and 3/4 of everything is left.  I tell every customer, “please help yourself to the treats! Merry Christmas!” And they just respond with a “I’m good” or “‘No thanks” or “I’m saving my calories for Christmas.” Oh. Well. I wish I had that kind of self control. I admit I haven’t tasted any of the treats at work, but its because its for customers only. Which, that’s just fine with me, I really don’t need it anyhow.

Brian got back from his snowshoeing trip Tuesday.  He got some great pictures while he was gone, Ill post them soon.  I’m very happy to have him back home. But, as usual, he’s procrastinated shopping, and will be going with his brother tonight, while I’m left to clean the house by myself for our after Christmas Christmas party. And if I don’t get it done tonight, that means Ill have to do it Christmas eve or Christmas, and that just doesn’t sound like fun.  I’m also thinking of getting a papa murphy take and bake pizza for him and I to have tomorrow night. Because boy oh boy are they good, not to mention we LOVE pizza. Seriously. So we will drink some beers, eat some pizza, watch some movies, and open our Christmas gifts. That sounds like a damn good Christmas eve to me! And of course, Brians family made their brunch for 930 am on Sat, so goodie, I guess I get to go! I had planned to just visit my mom and her family this year instead of doing both brians family and my family, but brian really didn’t like that whole arrangement… (I did) and considering there’s no real reason why I can’t go to his family’s, I guess I’m going. I’m trying to stay positive and open minded, but its really hard when I never have anything to talk to them about, and when I do everyone else is talking, and to be honest, I just don’t feel comfortable around them.  They are nice, but I feel like they don’t LIKE me. Idk. So basically I sit there listening to everyone’s conversations, being bored out of my mind until we leave. And don’t you think that I haven’t TRIED to have them like me.  I’ve tried putting myself into the conversation. Tried going out of my way and doing really thoughtful things.  But after 4 years, I’m done trying so hard. And not to mention, I would just prefer not to do the whole gift exchange thing with them. I always feel uncomfortable while they watch me open my gifts.  I don’t like to be the center of attention for one. And for two, they don’t know what I like, and I don’t know what they like, so why not just keep our money instead of buying each other a gift that we will probably never use? But I think Brians mom will probably think I’m rude if I suggested that…  Oh! So we were at the store last night, getting stuff to make the dish that I’m supposed to bring to my familys gathering. Brian says to me, “So, do u want to make a dish to take to kevins?” Really honey? U tell me this, right now, while we are at the store. What am I supposed to get? Not to mention I specifically went to the store last night at 9 pm so there would be less people, and I planned on it being my last trip to the store for the week. It cracked me up.  I was like, “Oh honey… you’re such a silly boy…”


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  1. Marcos Gonzales

    December 23, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    It is never easy to do not get along with ones family when your involved in a relationship. I can totally see why you do not want to go and I can also see why Brian wants you to go. Hope you will be fine after spending some time with them, just to be able to come to your senses with your own family after. Anyway, have a happy holiday anyway!


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