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28 Oct

Every morning while at work, I listen to Mike and Kate on mix 106. And every Thursday, they do a half hour show with Alice, the staff psychic. During these shows anyone can call in, ask about love, life, marriage… whatever they want. But every year, the Thursday before Halloween, they do a special show that’s an hour long, and it’s dedicated to spirits, ghosts, guardian angles- things of that sort. I look forward to this episode every year.

For some reason I’m a real sucker for Alice. I’ve been listening every week for a few years now, and every week when someone calls in, and Alice verifies what they are saying (or tells them they are wrong), and giving them more information. Some of the things she says seriously blows my mind.

Most of the questions for the Halloween episode have to deal with spirits/ghosts & guardian angels. According to Alice, the “imaginary” friends that kids play with aren’t really imaginary, when all the hairs on your neck and arms stand up it’s really for a reason, and when you think you see someone out of the corner of your eye and then turn to look again and they’re gone- well, it really was something. When you ask if their is a spirit in your house she can tell you if there is or isn’t, if it’s a woman, man or child, someone from your family or a friend, someone who was important to you in a past life.

A woman called in saying that her father had passed away awhile ago. She said since then, she’s gotten married to a man and now has a stepson. She asked if her father knows she got married, and if he approves of her husband. Then Alice said, “Oh yes honey, he knows. He danced at your wedding. And he LOVES your husband.”

Another caller told Alice that growing up at her moms house, they would hear/see things, and her mom used to say it was Mrs. (something- I don’t remember the name they used) that used to live there, watching over the house. Well, apparently she was right- Alice validated this fact. She said this woman had loved the house, and apparently had prize winning flowers in front that she had spent so much time on. Alice said that their mother had taken of these flowers so well, and the woman was really appreciative. The caller said that it’s true, and that her mother has taken care of the flowers and had even added a lot more.

I think it was two years ago when I was listening to my first Halloween edition, where a woman called in asking about her father that passed away. Alice said that her father was working on a book, a manuscript of sorts- something that has to do with archeology, and he wants her to finish it. (Archeology was something they both loved.) So the woman was like, “Alright….” And she called in the next day, saying almost an hour after talking to Alice, she heard her doorbell ring. She went to answer it and a package had been dropped off… Apparently this woman’s step mom (who she admitted to not liking and hadn’t talked to in years) was going through through the old things at the house, and found the manuscript, and thought that her step daughter should have it, and sent it to her.

According to Alice, there are bad spirits that can hang around you or your house. And if you have one, you can ask them to go away- yell at them if you have to. Also, you can cleanse your house with sea salt. She also mentioned taking two needles, crossing to make a cross, and taking thread and tying it in the center of the cross to hold it together, and hang it above the door. This is supposed to help keep the bad spirits out.Β  She said this is a method that has been used for years that really works. (Brandee this reminds me of you- we should have done this for your cottage!)Β  If it’s a good spirit, and you don’t mind having it around, she said that you can talk to it, ( she’s said to some of hers, “I don’t mind having you here, but don’t you dare scare me!”) and you can also ask it to make it’s presence more known.

There are a few things that Alice has mentioned that have really stuck with me- past lives, reincarnation, and the fact that people have chosen to stay behind. I have spent a lot of time spiritually trying to find myself, what I believe, and trying to be okay with death… (death really scares me, I’m not going to lie) And when I hear Alice talk about these things, it really gives me a comfort. I’m not saying she’s always right, but I do think there is a lot of truth in what she’s saying. To the woman who called asking about her dad, Alice said that her dad chose not to come back, that he stayed on the other side and is really happy. She has said that people love being here on earth and choose to come back. She said that spirits will come back and check on people. I like thinking that when I pass away, I will have the choice of what I want to do.

My mom and I were working on my Halloween costume last night, and she said to me that she misses her dad (my grandpa passed away when I was 18)- and that she wishes he was here. She said, I don’t know what he could do for me, if he could make me feel better, but I just wish he was here. I kept thinking about this while listening to Alice this morning, wishing I could call in to see if he still checks on her, or has anything that he wants to say… Then it got me thinking about Walt, my biological father that passed away… does he watch over me? I hope so. But I have decided that this year for Christmas, I’m going to set up an appointment for my mom to talk to Alice. She does private sessions over the phone for only $40 (which is the same price she’s charged for 47 years.) My mom is a huge fan of Alice, and we talked about doing this last year… and for 40 dollars- well that’s not a bad price at all. I can’t wait to see what she says πŸ™‚

And for all of you that LOVE LOVE your pets… Alice did say that sometimes your animals will hang around you after they are gone, and still stay by your side. πŸ™‚


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5 responses to “alice the psychic

  1. thypolarlife

    October 28, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    What a great post! This is one of those subjects that can really get people going because people tend to be passionate one way or the other. You either believe or you don’t. The weird thing with me is that I am kind of stuck in the middle. I have seen and witnessed too much to dismiss things as not possible but I haven’t fully decided. I started a post last week about a visit I made to a psychic years ago so you’ll see what I mean when I publish it finally. There are things that people just couldn’t know, but do. I’ve witnessed this myself and if it can help someone, in any way, I think it’s great.

    I hope that you make that appointment for your mom. Let us know how it goes. It will be a great gift! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marcos Gonzales

    October 28, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    I am a bit of a skeptic on this subject, but I love to believe it is all true. Just like many people death scares the hell out of me, so being given the choice to stay around sounds tempting to me. Just to see what the ones I left behind are making off their lives and maybe help them to move on. By just letting them know I can watch them every step of the way. Feeling happy seeing them happy. Apart from that I lost some love ones on the way and well, I would love the fact they are somewhere around. Watching over me, their loved ones and everyone else they did care about. Just knowing this would ease my mind for a while. So maybe I should travel to the US and talk to this Alice. It could help me a lot I guess.

  3. Jacquelyn

    November 2, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    I absolutely believe in all of this! I have way too many “creepy” stories to not believe. Do you know Alice’s last name? I’d like to look her up!

    After my grandpa passed away my stepmom went to a medium, and the things that she told my stepmom were completely unreal. There is absolutely no way she could have known what she knew without being able to speak to my grandpa.

    Love this stuff!

  4. Amy

    August 13, 2011 at 4:47 am

    I am trying to find a psychic that was did a weekly show on a local radio station. They called her Alice the Truck Driving Psychic. Some of the things posted here make me think this could be the same woman. I had a reading with her over 12 yrs. ago and now can’t find her on the web. Do you have more information on how to reach her?

    • misstaziamarie

      November 8, 2011 at 8:38 pm

      Amy- I do have her phone number to make an appointment, it does sound like it might be the same person. send me an email- & I’ll send you her phone number.



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