23 Oct

Good morning 🙂

Brian and I stayed in last night catching up on episodes of medium (one of my favorite shows.)
This allowed me to be up at 8:30 to do these things:



I will be non stop stitching until early this afternoon when I have to pick up my moms fancy camera, then off to marcies to take some love baby belly & family pictures.  I have some ideas that I’m really excited to see if we can make them work out. Its supposed to rain, so hopefully it can hold out for a few hours! Then hopefully I can work on some house cleaning (my house is a disaster) then over to Jeremy’s tonight to watch my favorite UFC fighter fight tonight- BROCK LESNAR.

I am sooooo excited! Seriously, just look at that punch!



And this picture is just because I love this boy, and he makes me smile.



And these two are from the other night at Nick and Brandee’s house… Apparently we tried to take a million pictures with my camera phone. Ha

I hope you all have a lovely autumn day ❤


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One response to “10.23.10

  1. Marcos Gonzales

    October 23, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    Sounds like the day is a real busy one! Hope you do enjoy it!


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