30 Sep

So I stayed up a lot later than I should of considering I work at 7:30 am, but last night was a lot of fun and my pie was a sucess so I decided that it was worth it.

I made jeremy’s birthday frozen chocolate peanut butter banana pie the night before, because it says you’re supposed to freeze it for 6 hours.  So after our wonderful dinner I took it out and let it sit for 20 minutes, but I guess that wasn’t enough thawing time because it was still rock solid.  I took out a huge cutting knife and finally managed to cut out a few pieces.  I ended up making a mess from the crust all over the counter, but boy oh boy was it worth it.  I discovered that it was the banana pieces that were so frozen that it was making it hard to cut through.  But either way it was absolutely delicious… very rich, but still wonderful. AND jeremy loved it.

After dinner we went over to buddys for a few beers . … I think I ended up falling asleep around 2 am… and am greatly looking forward to my nap before nick and brandee come over for taco pizza tonight. …


the birthday boy- Jeremy


I told brian that I was looking at the pictures I’ve put on here so far, and in most of the pictures he has the strangest looks on his face.  I told him that anyone that reads my blog is going to think he’s super creepy.  And then he made this face in the picture above…. ” you mean this look?”





brian & brian


joe & nikki







look at that mess!


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2 responses to “9.30.10

  1. thypolarlife

    September 30, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Oh my god the creepy face was hilarious! So glad that the pie came out good. I will have to try it sometime soon. Chocolate, peanut butter and banana are yummy!. I’ve done the whole frozen pie thing before so I had to admit that I chuckled when you tried to cut it and it was still frozen solid. Not because I’m a heartless witch who could care less if the b-day boy got his pie or not, but because I have been in the same spot as you trying to cut up a frozen damn pie I was so anxious to serve. Glad it turned out good. I hope you get your nap in!

  2. Marcos Gonzales

    September 30, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Seems like you guys really had a fun night so what else could you wish for? Except for some decent sleep after it. It takes me back to the days where I was still a student and sometimes slept no more then three or four hours a night. Fun times.

    lad to hear the pie was a succes and he did like it. Makes it all worth the efort I guess.


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