22 Sep

nothing makes me more upset than when I spend a half an hour writing a post, then having it all disappear. So here I am, for the second time, writing this down. I typed all of this up on my phone, including the rest of the pictures we took from our trip, and it failed to load. Why didn’t I save the draft first?? lesson learned I guess. So I decided to use the more reliable computer to tell you about the rest of the trip, and in another post I’m going to load the pictures from my phone. here we go….

The rest of our trip was wonderful. It was so nice having a 3 day weekend, being out of town, and being with the person that I love.

We headed over to Pendleton and got another room, at a motel that was 20 bucks cheaper than lame motel 8, and we were surprised to find a mini fridge and a microwave in our room. Not a big deal I know, but to us it was more like, “Holy shit, well isn’t THIS nice!” And no bugs. double bonus.

After deciding we were hungry, we had to decide where to eat, and it came down to a close chinese restaurant that was highly recommended or a cute mom and pop pizza joint we saw when we got into town. Brian and I are extremely indecisive, and it took us ten whole minutes to make our decision. It gets to the point that we are so frustrated with each other for not picking, and so it takes us ten times longer to pick anything. But finally brian said, “lets just go get some pizza.” Ok. Pizza it is then. And, it was supper yummy.

We went back to the hotel so Brian could change, and we walked to Pendleton’s historical downtown area for a few beers. The first place we picked was named Hamleys, or something of the sort, and I’m pretty sure it’s their nicest place in town. They had huge decorative wood moldings and stunning glass chandeliers. It was old school western, but super classy. I don’t really know how else to describe it… so I guess you’ll just have to look at the pictures and see for yourself.

We headed across the street to the Rainbow Cafe for a change of scenery and some cheaper beers. They didn’t do pitchers, so Brian ordered us two bud lights. The bartender told us it would be cheaper to get two cans, so sure, why not. He sets them down on the table, and says, “alright, 5 bucks.” Seriously? $2.50 for a 12 oz can of bud light? OH COME ON! rip off for sure. But we took them anyways, along with a few more.. We sat in our booth and talked the night away.

We woke up the next morning, checked out of our motel, and headed over to the disc golf course. You can tell they were starting to put some money into it, and they were in the process of putting in concrete pads. Pretty fancy. The park was pretty, and the weather was great, so I offered to walk around with Brian to keep him company. While we were there I had the brilliant idea that I wanted sewing machine for christmas, so I called my mom up. .. She laughed when I suggested maybe we could find a used one for $60 dollars on craigslist. Turns out her friend from work is selling his moms sewing machine (because she can’t use it anymore) for $60, and happened to ask her if she knew of anyone who needs one. So, looks like I might be getting a sewing machine. Thanks mom!

We made our last stop at the casino, where we ate at their buffet and played the penny slots for about an hour. I lost a dollar, and brian lost 12. HA.

We arrived at home at about 9 pm, and decided to settle in and watch Kick-ass. (which was kick ass btw, if you haven’t seen it…)

Today I haven’t been feeling so hot… some sort of stomach thing, and my body feels worn down, maybe getting a cold. Which, I’m super busy every day this week, and can’t afford to get sick. But I figured if worse comes to worse I could try to leave early and go home and nap and rest until I have to take my sister to see Easy A this afternoon. We’ll see….

So happy hump day everyone, and happy first day of Autumn. I hope you’re all ready to pull out your scarves, mittens, and sweaters- I know I am.



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3 responses to “9.22.10

  1. Marcos Gonzales

    September 22, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Sounds like you hade some fun the last couple of days. I am now considering to pay Pendleton a visit myself. So you might wanna work at their tourist office. Hope you’re not getting sick or anything, because that would really suck. And I will make sure to watch the movie Kick Ass.

    btw, it suck big time losing a blog. Therefore I save them in word first. Also helps me with the spelling. Since I am not a native speaker of English.

  2. misstaziamarie

    September 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    well your english seems great to me!

  3. thypolarlife

    September 22, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    So glad you had a great trip. Looks like you had a blast. I know how it feels to lose everything you have written after spending so much time writing it. IT SUCKS! It happens to me all the time. One day I’ll learn. πŸ™‚


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