Greetings from Walla Walla…

19 Sep





Well, I happen to have some free time, so I thought I would update how our trip is going here in Walla Walla.  I just downloaded the wordpress app for my phone, and I find it very helpful considering I’m at a small park in Walla Walla sitting in my car while its raining and Brians playing a round of disc golf. 

The ride was… as well as to be expected I guess, even though as soon as we got on the freeway I realized I left all the info at home that told us what park we needed to go for the ceremony.  But the drive was filled with lots of rolling hills of wheat, and for the second half I realized that the sides of the roads were covered in wonderful patches of sunflowers.  We finally arrived around 3, and headed straight to our hotel room to check in and get ready.

SO motel 8…. I was very dissapointed to see that our 85 dollars got us a tiny room with bugs on the windows.  (Yes, on the inside) and we were even more bummed how far away our motel was from the Marcus Whitman… We found out later that night that there’s a budget inn down the street (a comfortable walking distance) that has flat screen tvs and could offer us a room for 55 dollars. Yea, bummer. And did I mention already that the elevator at our motel smelled like piss? Brian said there’s no way that it would or could be actual piss that was causing the smell, but seriously, I work at a dry cleaners.  I know what shit that’s been pissed on smells like.  So, we decided in the future we will not make the mistake of using to book our rooms, we will research what’s in the area and call ourselves. 

So after dressing ourselves up we headed over to the park where the ceremony was to be held, but I guess they decided yesterday that since it was suposed to rain all weekend that they weren’t taking any chances and moved the ceremony to the Marcus whitman.  The hotel was super fancy, the explorer ballroom was super fancy, and her decorations were very beautiful.  We were given flower seed packets of forget me not flowers, and I thought this was a wonderful idea, and will even try to steal the idea for when I get married someday.  The cerdemony was short and sweet, and was the guys first time marrying someone I guess.  Jula looked absolutely beautiful.  Where is a picture of the bride do you ask?  I had a brief opportunity to talk to her when she came and said hi to me, and apparently I’m retarded because I didn’t think to have Brian take a pic until after she had to leave to do something else.  I’m pretty bummed.  The food was AMAZING and they had a rockin live band that played funk music so the lovely couple could dance their butts off.  They looked really happy, and I’m so glad we were able to be there on their big day.  Oh, and I guess the groom is an aspiring comedian, and felt that he should have a 13 minute speech.  Ohhhh mannnnn. But they did have an open bar. Thank u Jula and Elliot we really appreciated it!

Anyways, we left around 9 or 10, went back to our lilttle motel room, where I changed my clothes.  We walked a few Blocks in the rain to a local bar that was part poker tables, part family restraunt, and part bar.  It was interesting. 

So today we have been super lazy, and did a late check out at 1230, and Its now 3 and brian just informed me he only has two more holes, and thank god because I don’t know how much longer my bladder will last. The plan earlier today was to come here then head over to pendleton to try to get a cheap room, and head over to the casino to win big on the penny slots…. I doubt brian will change his mind and want to drive home tonight, but we haven’t gotten a room yet so we will see. 

SO that’s all for now, Ill include a couple of pictures from the wedding from my phone that I snapped last night.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. thypolarlife

    September 21, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.


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