walla walla, here we come!

17 Sep

I can’t believe how fast this week went! we have been looking forward to going to Jula (my old roommate from Portland) and Elliot’s wedding for a few months now, and I can’t believe we will be leaving on Saturday. We have been so indecisive on our plans, that it will have to be a fly by the seat of our pants deal. The only concrete part about our weekend will be that we will be staying at motel 8 (which was 85 dollars, there are only 2 hotels in the town that are under 100 dollars…) and going to the wedding. The ceremony will be held at a local park, and the reception will be at the marcus whitman hotel (which looked really snazzy according to their web site…) We called to see if maybe they offered a discount on rooms for guests from the wedding, but since only the reception is being held there they wouldn’t give us a deal. So their cheapest room was $195. um, no thanks. However, Motel 8 does offer internet and a continental breakfast, and is 2.75 miles from the Marcus Whitman, so if we drink a little too much at least the cab ride will be cheap 🙂 Brian has told me there are 2 disc golf courses he wants to play (of course) and even tried convincing me into playing a 3rd but I told him he’s pushing it. There are a few museums and a underground tunnel tour thing that I thought would be cool to check out, but I’m not every hopeful that we’ll get to see any of it. Which, whatever, fly by the seat of my pants right? right. Brian always tells me we don’t HAVE to have a plan. psshhhh. so anyways, from then on we will camp, or possibly go see my grandma and great aunt up in Pullman. We will return back home monday night. My sister and I were going to go see Atmosphere in concert monday night, but after not having concrete plans and my sister has soccer practice and won’t even get done till 7 (which the show starts at 7), I called her and we made plans to go see a movie and have some Chinese wednesday after I get off work. I’m much happier with these plans. As far as today goes, I will be getting off at work at 2 as usual, have 1-2 beers with Brian, then home to clean, pack, charge my ipod, and get everything ready for our mini road trip. Hopefully I will get some good pictures to show off on tuesday. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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