16 Sep

Last year, I found a website called It’s a goal website, to help you manage and track your goals. I saw on other peoples profiles the goal to read 50 books in a year, so I added it to my list. Last year I didn’t even come close to making it. I’m not sure of the exact number but it was somewhere around 35. So not waning to give up, I decided to try the goal again this year, but instead of doing 50, I changed it to 55 as sort of a punishment for being so lazy last year. Well, I’m happy to say that yesterday I read my 55th book. I started January 1st, and completed it with 3 months to spare. Brian took me out for a beer yesterday to celebrate my completion. He told me he was so proud of me for sticking with it and finishing early. Before I started this goal, I didn’t read at all. I didn’t care for it, didn’t see what could be so interesting. I might now be a huge book nerd, but I am pretty damn proud of myself. So, here it is- my list…

1 dead until dark
by charlaine harris

2 the host *
by stephenie meyer

3 a brothers journey
by richard b pelzer

4 the choice
by nicholas sparks

5 living dead in dallas
by charlaine harris

6 sweet ruin
by cathi hanauer

7 sundays at Tiffanys
by james patterson

8 first impressions
by nora roberts

9 surrender the pink
by carrie fisher

10 the last song
by nicholas sparks

11 nights in rodanthe *
by nicholas sparks

12 barefoot
by Elin Hilderbrand

13 gap creek
by robert morgan

14 even now
by karen kingbury

15 baby proof *
by emily giffin

16 running in heels
by anna maxted

17 swapping lives
by jane green

18 beautiful lies *
by lisa unger

19 every boys got one
by meg cabot

20 a is for alibi *
by sue grafton

21 b is for burglar *
by sue grafton

22 c is for corpse *
by sue grafton

23 beach trip *
by cathy holton

24 a bend in the road
by nicholas sparks

25 silver of truth *
by lisa unger

26 f is for fugitive *
by sue grafton

27 at first sight
by nicholas sparks

28 die for you *
by lisa unger

29 queen of babble gets hitched
by meg cabot

30 love the one you’re with *
by emily giffin

31 d is for deadbeat *
by sue grafton

32 to have and to hold
by jane green

33 midnight bayou *
by nora roberts

34 dirty laundry
by tori carrington

35 g is for gumshoe *
by sue grafton

36 k is for killer *
by sue grafton

37 the ruins of california *
by martha sherrill

38 dedication
by emma mclaughlin

39 h is for homicide *
by sue grafton

40 heartsick
by chelsea cain

41 eat pray love *
by elizabeth gilbert

42 j is for judgement *
by sue grafton

43 sweetheart
by chelsea cain

44 e is for evidence *
by sue grafton

45 I is for innocent *
by sue grafton

46 L is for lawless *
by sue grafton

47 t is for trespass *
by sue grafton

48 remembering blue*
by connie may fowler

49 a message in a bottle
by nicolas sparks

50 m is for malice
by sue grafton

51 the beach
by alex garland

52 the lace reader
by brunonia barry

53 the long walk
by richard bachman aka stephen king

54 here on earth
by alice hoffman

55 look again *
by lisa scottoline

I put a * by all of the books that were my favorite. Anything by Lisa Unger or Emily Giffin I highly recommend. As well as the whole ABC mystery series by Sue Grafton, she is amazing. I still plan on trying to read all her books in her series. Brian asked me last night what I will be doing next. I decided I will continue reading, and write down every book so at the end of the year I can see how many I finished. Next year, I’ll be doing non-fiction books, I figure either 12 or 15. I plan on going to school next year, and dont want to overwhelm myself, and school will be my number one priority. But I love reading and learning new things, so I thought 15 would be reasonable. At you rate the goal, and say whether it was worth it or not, which, I most definitely feel like it was. I would give it 5 stars. 🙂

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