so sorry my dear coffee table…

12 Sep

So, our wonderful friends Hugh and Amber gave us their old coffee table less than a year ago. I loved the design of it, the top was pretty scratched up and since we’ve gotten it we’ve only made it worse. So, I wanted to buy some glass to put on top and put pictures in the under the glass, but before I did this I figured I should just sand it and put some stain on it so it’s super pretty. Well, the sanding went ok, but the stain we got was way too red, and I guess we picked the really shitty kind because it just looks well… shitty. And turns out the top of the table isn’t real wood, it’s a wood overlay so if we sand it anymore the woodgrain will be gone. My mom’s supposed to come over tomorrow to see what we can do with it, but right now i’m not really hopeful. Thank god my intention is to basically cover it with pictures anyway, but I still feel crappy about it.

lets hope we can save it 😦

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One response to “so sorry my dear coffee table…

  1. Nathan Marcello

    September 12, 2010 at 3:03 am

    In college we had the bright idea to make our own coffee table out of a thick piece of glass we found. The major flaw in the idea was when we had a party someone dropped a bottle on it and the bottle and entire table shattered.


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