I’m totally excited for my 3 whole days off for memorial day- and I’ve planned to take senior pictures for two lovely girls (one being my sister) all weekend long. But I just checked the weather- and it’s not playing along, but it wasn’t supposed to last weekend either, and it was beautiful out…. so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Last weekend I took pictures for the converses- one of my favorite families ever, and Brandee & Nick- one of my favorite couples ever. Both of them turned out great (If I do say so myself.)

But also, I want to say I’m currently reading this:

and it took me awhile to get into it, but now I’m over half way into it, and it’s pretty good! It’s amazing to hear about how she grew up, and how she got to the point of where she is now.

Also, I’m loving the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell… They take me forever to get through, but I’ve read the first 4 books so far, and I’m completely hooked!

And when I’m not reading, or editing pictures (or taking them) I’m either doing an at home zumba video ( LOVE it) or I’m watching this:

which is the United States of Tara- a showtime series- just in case you didn’t know. I’m half way through season one, and I’m completely hooked!

Well, that’s all for now… Sorry for my lack of posts lately… I’ll try to work on that. I hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend ❤

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Saturday, downtown boise


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I watched a bit of this today:

and plan on making more time this afternoon to watch it a bit more. it’s a bit lengthy, but came highly recommended by a friend.

And, I’ve also really really into wanting to try this:

INFUSING YOUR OWN DRINKS. Click the picture above for an interesting article from the post on infusion. My first try will be cucumber melon. mmmmm.

I also saw this last night for a date with the hubs:

and thought the acting was a bit cheesy at times, but thought it was a great and interesting interpretation of the story. Have you seen it? what did you think?

And for mother’s day this year, my mom, sister & I will be taking a trip up to table rock (long hike or short hike, not sure on which yet) but will provide wonderful views like this:

and as to what we will be getting brian’s mother for a gift- I still have no clue. I was thinking about stopping by target after work and seeing what I could pick up. I hate this every time- trying to figure out what to buy someone you don’t know that well, and seems to have everything she wants/needs.

well, that’s all for now, hope you guys have a great day ❤

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hello loves!
happy tuesday.

tomorrow, however, is not such a happy day for me- I have to go to the dentist. (boooooo) But tomorrow is just a teeth cleaning, so that’s not too bad.

so, I have been totally obsessing over this song- brian played it for me last week saying, “you have to hear this, I know you will love it!” It’s pretty wonderful- what do you think?

If he was on American Idol, I would totally vote for this guy. But from the looks of how many songs he’s redone and how many people have watched them on youtube, I guess he doesn’t exactly need idol. Hopefully we will see more of this guy, he’s pretty good.

So, I wanted to show you this great recipe that I tried last night- that smelled and looked super yummy, but then right before I served everything up I totally dumped it all on the floor. and I cried. and pouted. and brian hugged me like the good husband that he is, and made me feel better.
So anyways, here is the great recipe, that I found from….


* 3 cups sliced mushrooms
* 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
* 2 eggs, beaten
* 1 cup seasoned bread crumbs
* 2 tablespoons butter
* 6 ounces mozzarella cheese, sliced
* 3/4 cup chicken broth


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
2. Place half of the mushrooms in a 9×13 inch pan. Dip chicken into beaten eggs, then roll in bread crumbs.
3. In skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Brown both sides of chicken in skillet. Place chicken on top of mushrooms, arrange remaining mushrooms on chicken, and top with mozzarella cheese. Add chicken broth to pan.
4. Bake in preheated oven for 30 to 35 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear.

hope you have a great afternoon!

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happy almost friday!

this made me laugh, thought I would share…

font choice gone wrong…


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Strawberry jello shots





I found this wonderful recipe awhile ago, and decided to make it for my friend’s birthday dinner we had last night! The original recipe was for strawberry margarita jello shots, but I only had rum, so I used that with strawberry banana jello. They turned out pretty yummy! get the recipe here.


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jalapeno remedy

so, last night I asked brian to google some sort of a solution to my buring face… and all he could come up with is milk. I just googled myself and found a few suggestions- I thought I would let you know about them dear friends, just in case you accidentally run into this problem yourself….

lime water
sour cream
rubbing alcohol (I don’t really get using chemicals on a burn type… but some people recommend it.)
bleach (dip your hands in in briefly, do not soak… still, considering I had gotten it on my face, this would not have been good to try)

the best over all went to sour cream. keep this in mind friends! Also, apparently latex gloves come in handy when chopping these up. just make sure to not touch your face!!

much love,


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